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Lucan Ksaera

Lucan is the second prince of Abervania, the son of King Damarius Ksaera and Grand Duchess Eleanor Kreghen. Long before his father become king, his parents were briefly exiled to the sea-side town of Laumys after it was discovered they'd married in secret.

Not long after being recalled from their exile, Lucan was sent to the foreign kingdom of Merovia as part of a peace

Lucan is a skilled hunter, having been taught by his elder cousin: Lysanna Kreghen.

As the second prince, Lucan has no magical Key.

Lysanna Kreghen

The Grand Duchess of Kallia, Lysanna is the niece of the King of Kallia and a minor prince of Abervania. At the age of sixteen, Lysannna chose to be a Kreghen rather than a Ksaera.

Lysanna inherited the Seeker's Key from her aunt, Eleanor
Kreghen. She is fiercely loyal to her family.

While she lives mostly in Kallia on the eastern marches of Abervania, she has come to Abervania to aid in the war effort and protect her kin.

Korran Ksaera

The crown prince of Asteria, Korran is the eldest son of Damarius Ksaera. He has long been lauded as the 'ideal prince' due to his charisma and skill in warfare.

As the heir to the kingdom of Asteria, he wields the Smith's Key. Which allows him use telekinesis on

Ardan Kejr

Born in a village in eastern Asterian, Ardan dreams of being a knight or famous warrior. The opportunity presents itself when Lucan Ksaera and his family seek shelter at his village

Isolde Leuren

The daughter of a castellan, Isolde is a noble of Abervania. She lives with her father at Tragon Fortress up in the south-eastern mountains of Abervania.

Adalin Kysely

The second princess of Serro, her arrival on the scene brings much needed reinforcements. Mariska, her elder sister, is the heir to the kingdom of Serro. Mariska is famous for her beauty and her cold nature.

Adalin, on the other hand, isn't nearly as well known. She's usually tucked away in a libary or off travelling the countryside - far away from the royal court

Kellan of Kallia

A mysterious member of Lysanna's warband. Despite his unusual name and youth Lysanna trusts him to guard Lucan while on the run.

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