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The Castellan's Solar

The Castellan's Solar

Tragon Fortress is ruled and maintained by a castellan, a landless lord placed in charge of the castle and it's surrounding regions.

The current castellan, Lord Darias, spends much of his days in his solar. This is where he meets his lieutenants, writes letters, and handles paperwork.

The solar is decorated with fine carpets, painted wood carvings, and has a wide window to let in plenty of light. Usually, a large desk sits in the centre of the room

Great Hall of Tragon Fortress

The Great Hall of Tragon

The oldest parts of Tragon Fortress retain a more archaic style, such is the case with the Great Hall. The vaulted ceilings are angular rather than naturalistic.

The decor is a vibrant as any great hall in Abervania, however, with bright colours depicting the successes of castellans past. Behind the high table, there is no Clan Flag, as this is not the main seat of the Ksaera family who possess the fortress. Out of respect for the family, Lord Darius does not hang his own flag in the hall

The Great Hall at the Palace

The New Hall of Ksena

An expansive great hall of new construction. The New Hall is the centrepiece of the Palace-at-Ksena where lords and commoners both gather to petition the king.

A massive Clan Flag hangs behind the throne, bathed in natural light. A vast history of the family and it's gods are documented in the embroidery

The King's Solar

The King's Solar

While most solars are small, intimate spaces, the King's Solar is a rather large room. Despite this, the King has made it his own decorating much of the walls with blue tones and sea-scapes.

From the main window, one can see the city of Ksena and the River Luys. While a smaller window allows one to watch those down below within the New Hall.

Great Hall of Amalasera Castle

The Great Hall of Amalasera Castle

Unlike the great halls of Eastern Asteria, Amalasera follows the Southern tradition.

The centre piece of Amalasera is not the Clan Flag, but the wall of glasswork behind the high table. The Clan Flag instead hangs along the side of the room, recounting the history of its noble family as one continuous story.

The Serrin Family are the lords of Amalasera. They
are the predominant family of the southern regions and have married into the royal several times over the years. The eldest daughter of the family, Nezun, is their most recent having married the Crown Prince