The Seeker's Key | Magic

In the Seeker's key, magic comes from forming a mystical bond with a magical item. These are known as "keys". The Abervanians believe that Keys unlock a doorway into the Otherworld, a land of gods and monsters. With the Key, a user is about to access a specific ability.

The Abervanians see Keys as inherantly divine. Each Key is tied to one of their gods. Wielders of Keys are known as "Champions" and are seen as blessed by a god.

The Conductor's Key

Abervanian Name: Taraurey

Also called: The Wind-Player, the Green Goddess, She of the Prosperous Lake

The Conductor's Key grants the ability to control weather patterns. Due to this, she is seen as an aspect of the goddess Temü, the Water Goddess.

A new champion of the Conductor will only be able to move wind around, but a skilled practioner can summon massive weather patterns. The Conductor's Key is incredibly valuable for it's ability to control the weather and ensure a good harvest.

Her symbol is of an eagle (in the north) or a butterfly (in the south).

Her cult originally comes from the Green Lake and she has many temples around that region.

If the Monarch of Abervania is a woman, she will carry this Key. If it's a man, the Key will be carried by a female relative (usually his Consort, but can be a sister or mother).

The Scholar's Key

Abervanian Name: Svorey

Also called: The Truthful One

The Scholar's Key allows its champion to discern the truth of a statement. The Abervanians see the Key as an aspect of Rülai, the Knowledge God.

This Key is held by the Merovian government. It is traditionally carried by the Governor of Elatona, a city within the Republic of Merovia.