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About this Generator

The Elvish this generator uses is called "Common Elvish". It is a fan-language developed as a supplement the TTRPG "Dungeons and Dragons"! It is based on the Elvish words and phrases found through the magazines, handbooks, and online (such as Ed Greenwood's Twitter). It's as close to D&D canon you'll get!

The sounds and meanings developed for Common Elvish come directly from source material and have been expanded upon to create a more dyanamic language.

Pronunciation Guide

The Elvish Language as a wide array of sounds. While the consonants found in Elvish are very similar to those in English, the Elvish language as a wide around of vowels and vowel qualities to look out for.

To help with pronunciation check out this website!

Here are the vowel sounds used in this generator and how to pronounce them: a /a/, au /ɔ/, e /e/, ae /eɪ/, i /i/, ī /i:/, o /o/, ō /o:/, u /u/, û /ʊ/, y /ə/

Special note for "qu", it is pronounced like kw. So "quin" is "kwin". Just like in English.

The stress is always on the second to last syllable. E.g. Velenna is vel-EN-na.