DnD Calendar for Exandria Inspired (Critical Role)

DnD Calendar for Exandria Inspired (Critical Role)
DnD Calendar for Exandria Inspired (Critical Role)
DnD Calendar for Exandria Inspired (Critical Role)

DnD Calendar for Exandria Inspired (Critical Role)

Inspired by the calendar of Exandria, this calendar is a general guide / approximation of the calendar of Exandria. It includes important holidays and the lunar cycles for both Ruidus and Catha.

Use the moon phases to play a Lunar Sorceror or Werewolf, easily keep a track of how time flows in your dnd game. Especially with two moons, it can be difficult to know when a New Moon is coming or if Ruidis would be visible.


✅ the calendar counts each seven day week, using the Exandria Calendar as a guide
✅ the calendar is layed out on an A4 page (three months per page), so it fits into most standard note books or on your DM screen

Please note:
Catha: the cycle is divided up to fit the "Full Moon", "Cresent (and Half) Moon", "New Moon" to work with a Lunar Sorceror. Approximately each "phase" occurs a third of the time. To find the true New Moon or Full Moon, use the date in the middle of these phases.

Ruidus: this moon doesn't wax and wane like Catha, but does work in a cycle. There is a period twice a year where Ruidus is visible for about three months. It is then not visible for another two. And so forth. Outside of those basic ideas, Ruidus flickers sometimes, coming into visibility or non-visibility seeming at random. Due to this, this calendar marks how likely the moon is to be visible via the waxing/waning symbols. This way, you can play a Lunar Sorceror based on Ruidis if you wish.

✅ New Moon, Ruidus is at it's most distant / weakest
✅ Cresent Moon, Ruidus will be rarely in view
✅ Half Moon, Ruidus is considered "visible" at this time, but it's appearance is very sporadic
✅ Gibbous Moon, Ruidus is visible most nights
✅ Full Moon, Ruidus is almost always visible and at it's strongest

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