10 Male Elf Names to Inspire Your Next Character

10 Male Elf Names to Inspire Your Next Character

Zabrynn Lander ·

Elven Masculine Names!

Looking for an elven name with meanings in DnD Elvish? This is the list for you!


Pronounced: KAL-arn

Meaning: Wrestling the Storm

This name combines two Elvish words: kal and arrn. The first is an adjective that means "struggling, contending, wrestling". It refers to someone who is hardy and will put up a fight, especially against things greater than themselves. The second part is the word arrn which means "storm". 


Pronounced: OR-don

Meaning: Reborn Silver

The prefix au means "reborn". While the word don means "silver". 


Pronounced: sig-OR

Meaning: Snow Forest

This name is an example of the Elvish alternative stress. When pronounced SIG-or, it means simply "snow place". But with the stress on the final syllable it become "snow forest". This could also be used as a place name. 

Variants: Órsigin, Sigórn


Pronounced: sel-mor

Meaning: Dark Forest

This name combines two words in Elvish: sel and mor. With this name, each syllable carries the same amount of stress. If not, the meaning of the name changes a lot!!

The word sel translates to "forest, woods" but has a deeper meaning. The woods it refers to are ancient - ones from a time many generations ago. These are the ancestral woods or one's related to a deity.

When the vowel is stress it gains even more importance in its mean. It means, "ancient, important, divine". This can be seen in the Elvish Séldarine, the name of their pantheon. As well as Séldal, which means "god, deity". It's important to make sure your elf doesn't accidently call themselves a god! (or maybe that's the point...)

The final element is a little simpler! The word mor means "darkness".  Though, when stressed it means "true death" (dead without reincarnation). 

Ultimately this is a very goth name when it comes to the Elves - while still retaining the popular nature theme of many Elvish names!


Pronounced: MA-thor

Meaning: Defender

This name is simply the Elvish word for defender. A great name for a Fighter or Paladin character. 


Pronounced: SHAL-mi

Meaning: Spear of the Tree

Shalmi combines the word shal "spear, lance" and mi "tree". Elvish actually has several words for trees: mi, shantal, amne, and lath.


Pronounced: ru-SEE-an

Meaning: Brook of Dreams


Ryvel, Rùvel

Pronounced: ruh-VEL

Meaning: Jade Blade



Pronounced: OR-vi-an

Meaning: Forest Boon


Želnar, Jelnar

Pronounced: JEL-nar

Meaning: Strong Goal, Eternal Goal


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