10 Gender Neutral Elf Names to Inspire Your Next Character

10 Gender Neutral Elf Names to Inspire Your Next Character

Zabrynn Lander ·

Elven Gender Neutral Names!

Looking for an elven name with meanings in DnD Elvish? This is the list for you!

While this is listed for gender neutral names - the Elvish languages, and the Elves themselves, doesn't have the same binary that English does. This extends to the names. Most Elf names are gender neutral! 


Pronounced: ir-IN-on

Meaning: Forsaker

This comes from the Elvish word: irino meaning "to forsake". This name is prefect for a wanderer who left their home or family. 

Sèhin, Sùhin, Syhin

Pronounced: suh-HIN

Meaning: Wild Curator

This name combines the elements sù meaning "wild, untamed" and hin "reciever, collector, scholar, researcher (ideas, knowledge, song)" or "a welcome". 

This is a great name for a bard!


Pronounced: lev-EYN

Meaning: Free One

The word lev means "cloud". While Levae means "cloud like" or "free". The final n makes this a name. 


Pronounced: like English "Cane"

Meaning: Thoughtful One

The adjective kae means "deep thought, deep emotion". 

Sӯn, Sun

Pronounced: soon

Meaning: One who Grows Unrestained, Unabashed

An excellent name for a Wild Elf. 

Arivey, Arivae

Pronounced: ar-ee-VEY

Meaning: Sunlight

A great name for a High Elf, this name means sunlight. It combines the word ar "sun" with ivae "light".

Extra: the Elven word for sun, ar, is used in many ways and has lots of hidden meanings. Depending on how an Elf stresses that initial "a" the meaning of this name changes as well!  

If you stress the final "vey" the ar means "sun, shining, goddess, life-giving". So you get "Sunlight".

BUT, if you stress the initial "ar" instead, the meaning changes to "high, noble, worthy, majestic". New Meaning = Majestic Light would be the new meaning. 

Isn't that neat?


Pronounced: AR-zu

Meaning: Sunset


Pronounced: GA-ra

Meaning: Frost


Pronounced: vel

Meaning: Blade, Weapon (including magic)

Extra Lore: While Bladesingers are usually called "El'Tael" they can also be called "Vaele" or as a group, "Vaelen". This means "Warriors", "Ones Who Are Like Blades". This "vael" element is the plural of "vel". 

The perfect nickname for a Bladesinger or for any Elven warrior.


Pronounced: MEY-lo

Meaning: Night Wind

Bonus Idea: if your elf has a twin, name them Naïlath, which means "Day Wind"!


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