7 Dark Elf Male Name Ideas

Yazal - Demanding Blade

A Name for a Drow Warrior

Kvedel - Returning Whisper

A Name for a Drow Bard

Pronounced: kvuh-DEL


Pronounced: kre-BBAN

About bb:
this is the sound is a bilabial trill (ʙ in IPA)

Dëhlos - Obtain Blessing

Pronounced: DEY-hlos

dë - to obtain & hlos - blessing


Pronounced: am-ir-is

Am - To Search & Iris - Fire

Ruqig - Bright Seeker

A Name For a Drow Character

Pronounced: ru-KIG

Meutan - New Defender

A Name for a Paladin or Fighter Drow

Pronounced: mew-TAN

7 Dark Elf Male Name Ideas

Zabrynn Lander ·

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