5 Pallid Elf Names to Inspire Your Next Character

Find a name for your elf that is based on real DnD Elvish words!

This list features the Vocative forms of the names as well. The Vocative form is used when Elf was speaking to another Elf. For example, in English, we say: "Oh. Hi Mark", but in Elvish, they would say "Oh. Vaev-veu Maak-je"

Elf Name Meaning

Iakinna - Close to Peace

Pronounced: ee-ah-kin-na

Vocative form: Iakinnaje

This name uses the terms: ia 'to step closer' and kinna 'peace'.

Kinna, originally, Cinna - are seen in the Elvish words: Cinna 'peace', Cinnaess 'Peace Bringer' and Cinnaelos'Cor 'Day of Corellon's Peace'

Taenmor - Composer of Darkness

Pronounced: TEYN-mor

Vocative: Taenmorje

Tae, means "to compose, to write music" and "to write an agreement". This verb to the original of the Elvish words Tael "apprentice" and El'Tael "bladesinger".

Mor means "darkness, true death". Examples of it being used: Morvian "darkness boon", Mormhaor "Corrupted Death".

Elf Name Meaning

Zīrael - Comforting Spirit

Pronounced: ZEE-reyl

Vocative: Ziraelje

Zii, is a verb meaing "to receive comfort, to receive calm". This comes from the verb Zy, "to be soft, to be gentle (e.g. their eyes softened)". This verb is relative to the Elvish prefix, Z'.

Rael, means spirit, and has the same origin as Arael, meaning "heart". Seen in words like Araelsha "heart friend", Araelvae "heart son", Araellia "heart oak".

Gyrgisir - Bird Guardian

Pronounced: gihr-gis-ir

Vocative form: Gyrgisirje

Gyr is a prefix that means "bird". Seen in Gyrah "bird", Gyrlass "falcon", Gyrlaszthraen "Swift Strike Hunting Bird"

Gisir means "guardian" and can be seen in the term Olin Gisir "secret keeper".

Orvaness - Hidden by the Woods

Pronounced: OR-van-ess

Vocative: Orvanessje

Or, is one of the many Elvish terms related to the woods. It can be seen in the name of the wood elves: Or-tel-Quessir, "people of the wood".

Vanessari is the Elvish word that means "to disappear, to become hidden". Coming from the term Vaness, literally meaning: "that which is hidden".

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