10 High Elf Masculine Names to Inspire Your Next Character

Aggalā - Winter Wind

Pronounced: ag-ga-laah

Agga / Aga is the Elvish term for "to blow cold". It can be found in the word Agatha meaning "winter breeze".

Laa / Lā - is a suffix that works as ann agentive (i.e. one who does this task).

Kasar - Pursuit of Glory

Pronounced: kas-AR

Can also mean "Seeds of Glory". This name uses the following elements:

Kas / Cas means "to earn fame, to earn renown, glory, honour" and can be seen in the term Casin "Honour". Further seen in the Elvish phrase Casin Cu Calas "Honour in Battle".

Ār means seed, woodlands, poetic: focus. This term can be seen in the place name Aryvandaar, "Noble Woodland Home"

Aillevian - Saving Boon

Pronounced: AIL-le-vi-an

Aille means "to save" in Elvish. Seen in the common phrase: Aillesel Seldarie "May the Seldarine Save Us" (or more accurately: "may we save ourselves for the Seldarine are with us").

Vian mean "boon". Seen in Elvish words such as Faervian "battle boon", Keryvian "foe boon", and Morvian "darkness boon".

Alurakh - Highest Good

Pronounced: al-ur-ak

Alur is an adjective that means "best, highest". Seen in the Elvish term Alurlyath "Best of the Temple".

Akh translated as "good" here is ultimately impossible to translate accurately into English. Some other meanings include: duty, need, obligation, honour, and magic.

Words this can be found in: Akhaegis "duty of protection", Akhelbhen "he whom magic, duty, and honour defines", Akh-Faen-Tel-Quess "Life of Duty, Form of the People's Need"


Pronounced: ru-ke-ruhm

Kerym is the Elvish term for "sword". This can be found in other terms such as Ar-Cor-Kerym "great king's sword", Arkerym "greatsword", Nikerym "short sword".

Ru means "to aspire" and is related to Rua an elvish word for "star".

Ēsdyr - Warding Star

Can also mean "Little Defender".

Pronounced: ES-duhr

This name is actually pretty similar to the name "Esther"!

The word Dyr has several different meanings such as:
star, pip, pebble, nut, or simply "little thing".

Ēs means "to ward, to establish a warding charm". It can be seen in the word: Ēska "fortress".

Quinar - Elven Sun

Pronounced: kwin-ar

Quin means "elven, elvish" - this term is different from Ever which
means "pertaining to elves" or "of the elves".

Meanwhile, Ar, refers to the sun.

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