7 Female High Elf Names to Inspire Your Next Character

Ienil - Conveying Beauty

Pronounced: ee-en-il

This name uses the elements:

ien - to illuminate, to convey, communicate, transmit, refresh, invigorate

il - Beauty

Sorah - Dependable Bird

Pronounced: so-rah

Inspired by the name "Sora" but also the English word "Soar". This
name uses the elements:

So - solid, still, dependable, steady, even, true

Rah - bird

Miravel - Precious Blade

Pronounced: ME-ra-vel

Uvashe - Fae Imagination

Pronounced: OO-va-SHEY

This name is perfect for a High Elf with a close relationship
with the Feywild.

Alaes - Fortunate Meeting

Pronounced: al-EYS

Yrana - Opal

Pronounced: uh-ra-na

This name means "opal" and can be spelt a couple different ways.

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