7 Wood Elf Male Name Ideas

Looking for a Wood Elf name with a meaning in DnD Elvish? This is the list for you!

Elf Name meaning Chosen Skill

Teniris - Chosen Skill

Pronounced: ten-ir-is

Tenir, "choosen, pledged"

Is, refers to "skill, expertise".

Elf Name meaning tree speaker

Lathdran - Tree Speaker

Pronounced: lađ-dran

Lath means "tree"

Dran menas "speaker, poet, singer", coming from Dra, "to explain". This is seen in the Elvish word: Drannor, "song".

Nesetar - Exploring Messenger

Pronounced: nuh-suh-TAR

Taar, means "sender, caster, messenger". It can be seen in terms like Ar-Selu-Taar, a term used for the High Mages of Cormanthyr. Cor-Selu-Taar is the Grand Mage of Cormanthyr.

Elf Name Meaning Watcher over the herd

Rykel - Watcher Over the Herd

Pronounced: ruh-kel

Ry, means "to see". This term can be seen in the Elvish word Ryssar (also: Rysar), which means "duration of a Coronal's Reign" - literally: "watching duration".

Kel, is the Elvish term for Herd. This can be seen in the words: Kelytha "Horse", Kelythaess "Stable Hand", Kel-Min-Hara "Fleet Defenders of the Blessed"

Elf Name Meaning Breeze

Kael - Breeze

Pronounced: KEYL, like "Kale"

Elf Name meaning strong willed oak

Loramne - Strong Oak

Pronounced: lor-am-ne

Lor is an adjective meaning "strong, strong-willed" that can be seen in several Elvish terms: Lorkh/Hahlorkh "Brute", Loros/Lors "Lord"

Amne, found in the Player's Handbook, this word means "oak, oaken".

Elf Name Meaning Shining Star

Kiotrun - Shining Star

Pronounced: ki-oh-trun

Kio "to shine", is related to the words Kiir "gem" and Kiharian "gem mirror".

Trun is a term found in Trunalor "[place of the] Star People". It means "star, representative, delegate, agent"

7 Wood Elf Male Name Ideas

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