7 Wood Elf Female Name Ideas

Fālor - One Garden

Pronounced: FAA-lor

The prefix f- comes from the Elvish word Fae meaning "one". It means "one, single, lone".

Aalor means grove. It combines Elvish term Aal "seed, wood" and the suffix -or meaning "place" (note: this is a unstressed òr, not to be confused with the stressed ór which means "forest").

The plural of Aal is Aar and can be seen in the place name: Aryvandaar, "Noble Woodland Home".

Estelia - Oaken Rain

Pronounced: es-teh-lee-ah

Este means "rain" in Elvish. It can be seen in the term Lleleste "falling rain".

Lia "oaken". This word is found in the Player's Handbook.

Hinama - Welcome Flower

Pronounced: hin-ah-ma

Hin can mean a couple things in Elvish: "reciever, collector, scholar, researcher (ideas, knowledge, song)" or "a welcome". The second translation is used here, but either would be correct.

Ama is the common term for flower in Elvish.

Selanyll - Storykeeper


Sélan, means "one who brings ancient knowledge to the tribe". It is connected to the Elvish terms: Séldal "god, deity", Sélu "(ancient) knowledge".

yyll - a suffix that means: "moment, finish, echoed past, number, time, story, period". Seen in the Elvish term Khyyll meaning "fate" (literally: time in three parts i.e. past, present, future).

Arzumi - Sunset Tree

Pronounced: ar-zu-mi

Arzu mean sunset. It has the Elvish prefix ar- which refers to the sun.

Mi means tree. It's related to the Elvish word Mista, meaning "forest" - literally "many trees".

Donella - Silver Scythe

Pronounced: don-el-la

Ella is the Elvish term for a scythe. It can be found in the word Elladyr which is roughly translated to "Starstrike".

Meanwhile Don simply means "silver".

7 Wood Elf Female Name Ideas

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