Tips on Fantasy Mapmaking: Marking Up Your Fantasy Map

Tips on Fantasy Mapmaking: Marking Up Your Fantasy Map

Zabrynn Lander ·

Maps are a staple of fantasy - and that's true in Dungeons and Dragons as well! 

Be it a map of Faerun or Cormyr, a map you're drawn up yourself, or one you've downloaded from DnDAlley - having a physical map to give to your players adds to the experience! 

Of course, you might decide to add your own locations and details to the map! Whether you're drawing your own or adjusting one you've printed out. 

Here's some tips on how to make it happen!

By Hand

If you've printed out your new map or creating it yourself, I recommend using POSCA white paint pens + a sturdy fineliner. Posca pens go down smoothly and work better than your standard gel pen for this! The pens come in a variety of sizes - so you'll be able to find one that fits your handwriting. 

Here's a quick video as an example!


@dndalley using Posca pens to mark up my printable map #dndalley #dndmap #fantasymap ♬ In The Forest (Acoustic Indie No Copyright) - Instrumental - Lesfm & Olexy


On a Desktop

So you're working digital but don't want to use expense mapmaking software? Simple! 

Canva (an online app) allows you to create awesome designs - including adding text over the top of your images. This text can be given a white "shadow" to help it pop. You can also curve the text so it fits to your map's natural shapes! 

How cool is that?


Excited to get started? Check out the various maps avaliable from DnDAlley!

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