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Deity Inspiration: God of Earth

Ideas for a God of Earth Name Inspiration: Akyregru "She of the Flawless Wilderness", Narærek "Eternal Earth", Ahï-ekïas "The One with the Earthen Mantle"  Possible Domains: grave, nature, twilight The first question...

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Deity Inspiration: God of Rivers

Deity Inspiration: Let's Make a God of Rivers! Name Inspiration: Delhin "Singer of the Waters and Whispers", Fhagwyllan "Guide of the River", Talsianas "Swift Brook of Souls"  The first question I ask...

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Fantasy Deity Inspiration

Deity Inspiration: God of Fire

Deity Inspiration: Let's Make a God of Fire! Name Inspiration: Raimnā "Master of the Bright Forge", Maskanas "the Wild Fire", Eledenna "The Burning One"  The first question I ask myself...

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