Cormyr Nobles: House Marliir

Cormyr Nobles: House Marliir

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House Marliir originally hails from Marsember. They were a noble family of the city in the year 900 DR, when they fought for Cormyr against the Witch Lords. Fast forward a few hundred years, Rhodes Marliir was a minor member of the fallen house in 1227 DR, when the city was reconquered by King Dhalmass. He left for Arabel and became the founder of the house in that city. 

Rhodes Marliir, founder of House Marliir in Arabel. 

Jolithan Marliir, he was the head of the family in 1352 DR. Despite the Arabellan rebellion, he stayed loyal to the crown. He risked the lives of his two daughters to get intelligence to King Azoun. He was probably the grandson of Rhodes Marliir. 

Raynaar Marliir, the next head of the family by 1367 DR. He was a duke. Thus by this point, the family had surpassed the heights of the original Marsember branch of the Marliir family. And numbered among the most powerful nobles in Cormyr. Likely the son of Jolithan.

Raynaar has two canonical wives: Terese and Merelda. It is confirmed that Merelda is the mother of Dauneth, and its possible that Dardreth is also her child or the son from a previous marriage, i.e. Terese's child. 

Dardreth Marliir, the elder of two brothers, he was an unscrupulous, cold, and calculating man. He secretly desired to rule Arabel and cared little about who sat on the Dragon Throne. 

Dauneth Marliir, b. 1339 DR, the younger of two brothers, he was a warrior, loyal to the crown. As a youth, he was rumoured by courting Princess Tanalasta, the heir to the throne. Later, he was appointed to be Warden of the Eastern Marches by Azoun IV. He went onto marry Krystin Lhal, the sister of Royal Mage Ganrahast and daughter of the Lady Lord of Arabel. 

Nalara Marlirra, daughter of Dauneth, born after Dauneth's rejection by Princess Tanalasta in 1370 DR. She married King Azoun V, Tanalasta's son. 

The more recent members of House Marliir are unknown, however, despite Dauneth's success and loyalty to the crown, he was the younger brother and not set to inherit the Marliir duchy. 

Instead, Dardreth would likely become the next head of the family. So it's likely that the Marliir House were not nearly as loyal under his and his children's hand. Where the House stands in 1490s DR, is anyones guess. 

House Marliir

The home of the Marliirs. 

Rhodes Room, a ballroom famous for its opulence within the estate's manor. It is filled with many renowned treasures. Gold-leafed capitals decorate the room's marble columns.   


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