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When you're rolling up an Elf character in your Dungeons and Dragons game, finding the perfect last name can be a challenge! Here are ten name ideas for your next character - with their meaning in Elvish!

Lyath-tel - "belonging to a temple"

This name comes in two parts "tel" and "lyath".

The form "tel" can be seen in several places in Elvish, such as when talking about a group of people (e.g. ór-tel-quessir, "people of the

"Lyath" is the Elvish word for temple. 

This name is perfect for an Acolyte character. 

vantur Ravanor - "from the Forestland"

The first part of this name simply means "from". It is commonly used at the beginning of surnames derived from a place of origin. 

Ravanor is a pretty generic place name, especially if your character is a Wood Elf. 

tyr Vomira - "born to Vomira"

This is a matronymic name, that means it's dervived from your character's mother's name. Many cultures use matronymic or patronymics rather than set last names. For example, in Iceland you are known by your father's name. 

In the case of this character, their mother's name was Vomira. 

shan-Stakiaren - "branch of the House of the Beloved Star"

The Elves have many words for the heavenly bodies, each with their own implication. "Stakia" or "Stacia" can variously mean:  star, treasure, trove, gem, gold, blaze; sweetheart, beloved. 

The translation here is something like "Beloved Star" or "Treasured Ones".

The prefix, shan, is an Elven word that literally means "branch (of a tree)".however when used in names it refers to a member of a family (the branch of a family tree). 

The final element "ren" is the Elvish word for House or Clan.

This is a great name for an Elf with Noble Background. 

Gisirie - "of the guardians"

This is a great name for an elf who comes from a family with the Knight background. Or perhaps their kin are paladins. 

The Elvish word "Gisir (plu. Gisiae) means "guardian".

The name takes the rare sociative case, which means something like "with, in the company of". This is often used in situations of adoption, fostering, or even the foundation of a particular order. 

The family as a whole would be known by the plural form: Gisieii.

Maedran - "wind speaker"

Combining the words "mae" wind and "dran" speaker, this name could refer to a profession or be a nickname. If it's a nickname it could be something noble - or refer to the fact your character doesn't shut up!

Regardless, this is a great surname for a Bard character.

Amnesha - "tree friend"

The tree this name refers to is specifically an oak tree (amne). The suffix -sha, means "friend".

This is another great name for a Druid character.

Anogwinn - "moon guide"

The first part of this name is one of the Elvish words for moon. The second part means guide and comes from the Elvish word "gwin" meaning walkway, path. A gwinn is a pathmaker or a guide.

This is ideal for a High Elf character since they like to associate themselves with celestial objects.

Daanethun - "bright struggle follower"

Another translation for this surname could probably be "daredevil". The elves have the concept that some struggles make a person stronger while others only serve to harm. "Daan" (plural: daana) is the positive type, called "bright struggles".

Those who are followers of bright struggles look for adventure in all aspects of their life.

Artarhin - "dawn scholar"

"Artar" is the Elvish word for dawn. It means "new sun", though it can also translate to "new heights".

The second element is even more ambigious, as it has no true English equivalent. It can mean: collector, scholar, researcher. Or more broadly, a person who recieves something, usually an idea. The word can also be translated as "a welcome".
So while the name is translated as "dawn scholar" above, it could also mean "scholar of new heights" or "welcome to the dawn".

This name would be ideal for a High Elf character.

Cormyr Nobles: House Rowanmantle

Cormyr Nobles: House Rowanmantle

Zabrynn Lander ·

House Rowanmantle was an old noble family originally from the Tilverton area but moved to Suzail. After climbing to the heights of nobility, they eventually returned to their homeland as its rulers. They were adversaries to House Bleth (until 1359 DR, when House Bleth fell). 

The house was in existence before the reign of Barander c.1139 DR. 

They strongly supported the crown during the rule of the Steel Regent, Alusair Obarskyr. 

The first named influential member of the house is Tanaeth Rowanmantle (1280 - 1317 DR). She married Elduss Ammaeth, a descendant of an Obarskyr. Her sons were wildly successful. 

Note: Bhereu and Thomdor are noted as being cousins to King Azoun IV, however, this seems to only be very distantly going back to King Dhalmass, their great-great-grandfather. 

Bhereu Ammaeth, 1296 - 1369 DR, won the favour of the royal family in his life. After the old Duke of Esparin passed, Bhereu gained the title. He moved the holding's primary fortress from Castle Hornshield to High Horn.

Bhereu was an "Uncle" to Princess Alusair. This relation is even closer than the previously mention "cousin" status and indicates that Bhereu probably married Sulesta, the older sister of Azoun IV. Because Bhereu and Sulesta are distant cousins this is pretty likely what happened.  Princess Sulesta Obarskyr was briefly married to Pyramus Summerstar, but it was annulled quickly and Sulesta is not confirmed to have other partners.

Bhereu is confirmed to be married Maethe Blacksilver, however, she is significantly younger than Bhereu and is more than likely his second marriage. Sulesta herself died pretty young, in 1331 DR, so Bhereu would have plenty of time to mourn her and find another wife. 

It is unknown if he had any issue. He died from poison.

Thomdor Ammaeth, 1298 - 1369 DR, was Bhereu's younger brother and no less successful. His inherited title was that a baron, however, through success in the Purple Dragon he rose up in rank to Warden of the Eastern Marches, a position more prestigious and powerful then even "Duke".  He died from poison in 1369 DR. It is unknown if he married or had any issue.

Ergluth Rowanmantle was probably Tanaeth's nephew.

Ergluth Rowanmantle, born circa 1310s, he was the Boldshield of Northtree March in 1365 DR, working under Thomdor Ammaeth. He was (presumably) dead by 1367 DR, as Alasalynn is noted as the most prominent member of the house. 

Alasalynn Rowanmantle, born circa 1330s, presumably the daughter of Egluth Rowanmantle. A former Purple Dragon officer like her father, she was the Lady Regent of Tilverton between c. 1360s DR and 1372 DR (when the city was destroyed). The previous Regent of Tilverton was conquered in 1357 DR and initially governed by Bhereu Ammaeth. 

Amanthus Rowanmantle, born circa 1330s, presumably the son of Egluth Rowanmantle and brother of Alasalynn. In 1370, he was considered suitable as a partner to Princess Tanalasta Obarskyr (who was heir to the kingdom at the time) - counting among the Silverswords and Emmarasks. He might be the father of Kortyl Rowanmantle. This would mean he married around 20 years old, his wife either passed or divorced, and by the time he's 40ish, he is avaliable to marry Tanalusta (who was in her late 30s).

Damaris Rowanmantle, in the late 1360s she stayed in the same room as Alasalynn in Thistleflame Keep while visiting for King Azoun IV's birthday. Her relationship with Alasalynn is unknown. She may be a sister, aunt, or even her mother. (the family tree guesses she is the younger sister).

Shaerl Rowanmantle, born circa 1330s, was the niece of Eglust and cousin of Alasalynn. She married outside the kingdom, into Shadowdale, to Mourngrym Amcathra (1355 DR). This connection allowed the family to promote an alliance between Cormyr, the Dalelands and Cormanthor.

Kortyl Romanmantle, born circa 1350, a young and brash knight who rode with Princess Alusair prior to her regency. Possibly a son, grandson, or nephew of Egluth. Possibly the son of Amanthus. He may have been Alusair's lover, like many of her Blades.

Further descendants of the Rowanmantle House are unknown and its possible the family has fallen into a decline since its heyday a century ago. 

 House Rowanmantle

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