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Deity Inspiration: God of Rivers

Zabrynn Lander ·

Deity Inspiration: Let's Make a God of Rivers!

Name Inspiration: Delhin "Singer of the Waters and Whispers", Fhagwyllan "Guide of the River", Talsianas "Swift Brook of Souls" 

The first question I ask myself when planning a deity is: what is the central concept at the heart of their worship?

For this deity, I'm going to focus on the idea of rivers and expand on that concept using inspiration from real world cultures. 

One thing that's pretty common in mythology is the idea of the Rivers of the Underworld. Often there is some kind of boatman that guides either mortal souls or another deity through the land of the dead. This idea likely stems from the fact that groundwater lies beneath the soil. Literally a "river beneath the earth". 

This deity could easily become a God of Death. A guide towards the next life. And perhaps a guardian that stops the undead from returning!

But, of course, rivers exist everywhere. So while this river god might have connections with the afterlife, there are plenty of other things a river can symbolise. 

Rivers provide important access to water and for that reason, cities and towns can often be found along rivers. Not only that, but rivers are very useful for trade - and therefore, wealth. 

Such a god, therefore, can be a guardian of prosperity, wealth, and civilisation.

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Bonus: let's talk names! The name ideas suggested come from Elvish, and while their basic translations are provided, they aren't perfect!

Delhin "Singer of the Waters and Whispers"

  • "Del" can mean 'brook, stream, little river' but it can also mean 'whisper'. Hence 'waters and whispers'. 
  • "Hin" can mean 'singer' but it can also be translated as 'reciever of things, beneficiary | collector, curator, researcher of ideas, knowledge, and songs'. 

Therefore, their name could mean "Curator of Whisper" or "Stream Beneficiary". Regarldess, their name invokes the idea of both rivers / water and hidden knowledge / secrets. Perfect for leaning into the Knowledge domain. 

Fhagwyllan "Guide of the River", 

  • "Fha" is the general word for 'river' in Common Elvish, so I won't say much about it
  • "Gwyllan" on the other hand has several possible translations. The most simple is "guide", but more literally it means "pathmaker"

So this name means both "guide of the river" and "the one who created the river's path". 

Talsianas "Swift Brook of Souls"  

  • "Tal" is a concept in Elvish that not easily translated to English. At it's most basic it means 'swift' or 'swift thing'. However, in Elvish, this 'swiftness' is connected to the soul. Elves reincarnate, their souls travel through body after body, life after life. Thus, "tal" can also mean 'soul'. 
  • "Sian" means 'brook'
  • "As" is a suffix that being 'being, person, creature'

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