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Deity Inspiration: God of Fire

Zabrynn Lander ·

Deity Inspiration: Let's Make a God of Fire!

Name Inspiration: Raimnā "Master of the Bright Forge", Maskanas "the Wild Fire", Eledenna "The Burning One" 

The first question I ask myself when planning a deity is: what is their domain? What is the central concept at the heart of their worship?

Of focurse, deities rarely have one specific domain. I like to build on a singular concept and expand in various aspects. In this case, this deity is associated with Fire. 

From there - I expanded their aspects to: the Hearth, the Forge, and the Sun. Their domain is linked to creation and growth through change. 

The "hearth" is the centre of the home, it's where food is cooked and stories are told. As a hearth god, this deity might work in tandem with a deity of the home or familial love. They may ever be considered partners. Together, they safeguard the family's heath, wealth, and prosperity. 

The "Forge" is where tools and weapons are created. In a world of magic, the forge might also be connected to some magics.

The "Sun" is all about light and growth, the warmth of the day, and the light to get work done. A god of the sun can be associated with healing and life, but they can also be tied to the work of the day. Getting things done! Of course, festivals and celebrations are usually hosted in the light of the day! A pleasant summer's day is the perfect time for festivities. So they may also be the god of merriment. 

Then we have to consider how the Sun is viewed. After all, the Sun is very helpful - until there's too much and you get a drought. If the people are near forests, there's also the risk of devastating wildfires. Is a drought / fire a result of this god being angry in your world? Or perhaps more interestingly, them growing too powerful? 

It might be that the priests of their deity are divided between those who support their god's evergrowing power and those who look to moderate it. The first sect would be feared, even ostracised, by locals. 

Still, in the heart of a cold and harsh winter, this god in all their forms will be someone to pray to - please bring back the warmth, the sun, the vibrance of life. 

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