Elven Battle Cries | Battle Cries in DnD Elvish

Elven Battle Cries | Battle Cries in DnD Elvish

Zabrynn Lander ·

Add some personality to your character with these cool battle cry ideas!

Here are ten ideas:

  1. Arransewes, udshastye! Go forth bravely, comrades!
  2. Mór an daryf! Death will favour you!
  3. Lēïgis ilū, keneun! Upon my shield or with it!
  4. Ud ilū eledurre | You have forced ("inflamed") my attack
  5. Kenor eswes | Prepare for a dance / death
  6. Seldarie mór ēssel (or: Seldarie mór erosel) | Gods with us, we shall ward off Death! (or we shall deliver Death!)
  7. Ad chul mór golhu | Time to con Death
  8. Olenyor | To battle
  9. Morwe, grugachye | Die, you feral thing!
  10. Kelū thrafirre, bīraye | You will be hunted by me, garbage!

These battle cries are based on D&D Elvish, check out this blog to learn more

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