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What Do the Suggested Elven Child Names Mean?

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You might notice the player's handbook has several suggests for elven child names. And while they are great - they don't have a meaning alongside them. As someone who loves names and their meanings, I had to know, "what do these names mean?" 

Names give us insight into the mentality of those choosen the name. While a chosen name reflects upon the elf who chose it, their child name reflects the thoughts of their parents. A story can be weaved into your character's very name, if you think about it! If you're interest in more, check out my blog on naming an elf

So let's translate some of the suggested child names! 

If you have already picked out a child name, this could be a chance to indulge your curiousity or even have a giggle. 


*some names have two versions, the first will be the simpler form

Ara, Ará, "sun choice, best choice"
Bryn, "hand, arm, limb" (i.e. a part of a whole, an extension of the clan)
Del, "whisper" or "brook"
Eryn, "one who will see"
Faen, "life, purpose"
Innil, "resolution, compromise"
Lael, "buttons, dimples"
Mella, My'ella "new scythe"
Naill, N'aïll "breeze echo"
Naerīs, "one who will see struggle"
Phann, Fhann "river"
Rael, "heart, psyche, mettle, sense"
Rinn, Rīnyn, "one who will learn contentment"
Sai, Saï "gifted"
Syllin, Syllian "wild oak"
Thia, "horizon"
Vall "mind echo" (i.e. "one like me")


For more child name ideas, check out this list.

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