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The Lorendrow | How to Add the Drow of the Jungle to Your Homebrew World

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Among the Lorendrow, you shall find justice, but not mercy.

The Drow of the Jungle live deep in the jungles of Faerun. 

Known as the Lorendrow, or Loren tel Dhaerow (singular: Floren, plural: Lorenga). The term loosely translated to "the Judgement Drow" or "the Judges". 

The slang term for them is "Greenshadow Drow" due to their green pigmentation. This is Ardn'vaeg in Elvish (literally: green-shadow-monster). 

The drow call themselves Hælkolni, meaning "The Free Drow" or "The Unstoppable Drow". The singular is Haelkoln.

These drow are known for their strict adherance to the law, large government, and seemingly incomphresible legal structure. Punishment is often swift and brutal. Their gladiator pits are famous. So some, it's the stories of great entertainment. The marvels presented by the Drow nobles are something to behold. For others, the stories told as nightmares, where foolish foreigners made a misstep and found themselves succumbing to bloody end. 

An element of their legal system involves a special exemption known as “Redemption by Combat”. A criminal can choose to fight for their right to be freed or avoid execution by choosing to fight against a monster or another criminal. This is where the stories of gladiatorial contests between criminials comes from.

That being said, most bouts are actually fought by free drow while in pursuit of glory and fame. More often than not, Redemption by Combat is also a form of execution. The exact animal / beast the person must fight is determined by their crime. But, it is known as a "Redemption", because it allows any god a chance to intercede. If they so choose. 

These Drow are great ecologists. They have vast expasses of lichen, moss, and mushrooms which have been selected over centuries for both ultility and beauty. Their mushroom wines are - if you hear the merchants talk - quiet simply to die for.

The jungles of these drow are often marked with complex and detailed patterns of lichen, working as signage to those in the know. All Lorendrow are familiar with Druidic. These lichen attract glowing worms which provide both illumination and the possibility of hidden messages. 

The Lorendrow are dancers and warriors both. Art and violence are linked. They're dance style is based on a "weighty" lower body, usually gained with stomping and balancing on the heels, combined with an "airy" upper body, seen through delicate hand movements. 

The Lorendrow believe that only at the edge of the blade can one truly experience all the beauty of life.

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Please note: these article is inspired by the Greenshadow Drow of the new Drizzt novels, which I do not own the rights to. Outside of the name and location, this is all homebrew and not official D&D lore. 

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