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The Udadrow | How to Add the Drow of the Underdark to Your Homebrew World

Zabrynn Lander ·

The Warring Drow are known best for their raids, as you might guess from their name. These drow are most commonly sighted as they actively seek out places to plunder. They are the Vikings of the fantasy world.

In Elvish, "Warring Drow" is written: Kal-Dhaerow. "Kal" could also translated as 'struggling', 'contending', 'wrestling', or even, 'raiding'. 

Unlike most drow, they often called themselves a similar term in Drow Elvish: Kėltlӳn.

These drow are best known by most outsiders for their quick and deadly raids. They navigate the caves of the Underdark, seeking out prosperous townships and temples that are relatively untouched. They then attack at night, gone before the dawn without evidence of where they went. 

They will take with them thralls, plunder gold and magic items and for this they have gained their a fearsome reputation.

However, that is simply what is seen by outsiders. While raiding is an important part of the culture, it is not the whole story. 

Some of the greatest works of art come out of the caves inhabited by these drow. The rockwalls themselves are covered in endless friezes. Their skill in architecture have allow them to cave out massive cave complexes, wide open spaces, supported by massive columns. Due to the natural darkness, colour is far less important than the glow or shape of a material. 

These drow keep colonies of bats, important source of protein as well as an important part of ecological life. Their droppings and carcasses attract insects, spiders, and snakes. Beyond that, the various monsters of the Underdark can be hunted down and consumed. 

These drow tend to have purple pigmentation, with variations between pale and dark tones. 


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