how to create an elf name for dungeon and dragons character

How to Create an Elf Name for DnD

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In Dungeons and Dragons, Elves are given a "child name" when they are born, then they choose a name once they come of age (around 100 years old). 

Of course, many elves will find themselves in a transitionary stage where the people they knew, who were not at their naming ceremony, may know them only by the child name. So let's talk about how your Elf character can introduce themselves.

There are three elements to an Elf's name. 

Personal / Chosen Name

This is the name an elf gains when come of age. Depending on the community they are from, this might be part of a large ritual or may simply be a thing that happens over time with the elf informing their friends and family of their new name as they meet. Regardless, a chosen name often speaks volumes about the Elf who bears it. Have they taken the name of an ancestor? Have they reused a name they bore in a previous life? Or have they created something new and unique for themselves? Perhaps they wish to speak of their ambitions or the virtue they prise most. 

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Child Name

The next element will be their child name. Of course, once an elf reaches a certain age, this will be omitted since everyone will know them by their chosen name. 

There are a couple different ways to indicate a child name. 

Hir, means 'once'

Chyr, means 'having been'

and Ahn, means 'before'


Surname / Clan Name / Place of Origin

Depending on where an elf is from, they might have a surname or they may choose to be known for where they are from. Some elves might even go by the mother's name (elves tend to be matrilineal). 

Terms to add to a place name (generate a place name here!)

Vand or Vantur means 'from'

Tel, means 'related to, belonging to'

 [suffix] ie, means 'with, being with' (rare!)

Terms to add to a clan or mother's name:

Tyss, Tyr 'born to'

Tel, means 'related to, belonging to'

Sum, means 'child, daughter' + [prefix] i, means 'of'

Va'e, means 'son' [prefix] i, means 'of'

Shan, means 'of [a clan]' literally, 'branch'


Here are some examples:

Aera hir Ama tel Ravanór

"Silver Moon once Flower of Forestland"

Kasinmīr chyr Holtha va'e i'Arsian

"Honour Blessing, having been Precious Child, son of Arsian (Sunbrook)"

Iugrun ahn Ion shan Ryrumren

"Cascading Wilderness, who was Dew before, branch of the Jade Meadow Clan" 


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